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We are a Community-first Startup Enablement Platform

Creating an inclusive ecosystem to support startups and founders , nurturing them for growth and impact




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Our Values

We believe that startups and their founders, like a child, need a tribe to succeed!

We play the role of enablers to enhance the startup eco-system as a whole by being a Startup Enablement Platform

Urooj Zia

Urooj Zia

Cofounder & COO

Facilitating startups' growth journey from launch to funding | Co-founder @ Startup Syndicate | USA Professional Fellows Program Alumni

Faizan Laghari

Faizan Laghari

Cofounder & CEO

Entrepreneur in training for 21+ years, now helping others find their HAPPY. Cofounder Startup Syndicate, xBykea, xTCS, xForrun, xNIC Khi

Our story & achievements


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David Copper

Managing Director @ Flash

What we do

Ranging from monthly connectivity, networking and showcasing events to investment readiness, funding and corporate innovation, our offerings are suitable for startups and large organizations alike



funl is our exclusive monthly event to engage in co-founder matchmaking, build industry linkages, & exploring investment opportunities



Go live with an Incubation / Acceleration program for your organization or community



Our Masterclass offers Experiential learning with Industry focused case-studies & Subject-based deep learning

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Corporate Entrepreneurship

Upskill your employees with an entrepreneurial mindset and create a nurturing environment for new ideas

Investment Readiness Program

Investment Readiness Program

Investment Readiness Toolkit adapted to individual startups, with 1:1 Mentoring and access to capital

Global Outreach

Global Outreach

Get introduced to the top global accelerators and investors

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

We play the role of enablers to enhance the startup eco-system as a whole.

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to have similar-minded, focused, experienced founders, corporations and individuals come together to educate, collaborate and uplift startups as a community that cares, and where startups and founders come first!

Have a project in mind?

Ready to bring your project to life? Let’s join forces and transform your vision into a successful reality. Reach out now to discuss how we can work together and make it happen!

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