News & UpdatesNews & UpdatesInvestability of Startups – Roundtable at FutureFest 2024

Investability of Startups – Roundtable at FutureFest 2024

Our Commitment to Driving Outcomes and Impact

In line with our mission to enhance the startup ecosystem, Startup Syndicate hosted an exclusive roundtable on “Increasing Investability of Startups in Pakistan” at FutureFest 2024. This roundtable brought together influential organizations and leaders such as Daftarkhwan, Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA), Arzan Venture Capital, Accelerate Prosperity – An AKDN Initiative, Aspire Pakistan, THYNK TECHS, Takhleeq Business Incubator, Onic Pakistan, and TPL Maps.

Collective Pledge for the Future

All participants at the roundtable pledged to contribute towards increasing investments and the investability of startups in Pakistan. This collective commitment marks a significant step towards nurturing a robust startup ecosystem, capable of driving innovation and economic growth in the region.

We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing our efforts to support and empower startups to thrive and succeed.


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